6 LED Street Light standard you need to know

led street lamp technology is more and more mature, its light source can reach 100lm/w or more, which will speed up the replacement of traditional street lights. It’s better for us to know basic testing standard listed below:

LED Street Light basic Standard

LED Street light application

1. Electrical parameters
when LED Street Light work under rated voltage and frequency, its actual power consumption and rated power difference shouldn’t exceed 10%, power factor should be more than 0.9;

2. Protection Grade

LED Street Light Class A shouldn’t be lower than IP67; Class B should not be lower than IP66; Class C shouldn’t be lower than IP65.

3. Average Life Span
LED Street Light rated everage life span should not be less than 50000 hours.

4. Maximum Temperature
Its rated Maximum temperature should not exceed 58 degree.

5. Anti-thunder strike
Surge suppression (anti-thunder strike) should not be less than 2KV and 4kv;

6. Light distribution

illumination uniformity shouldn’t be changed if the street light is in dimming.

Other factors of LED Street Light

1. light decay:
leds chip and heat dissipation are main factors to affect the light decay. some led street light supplier adopt 0.5W leds to reduce the cost, however, this small power leds have very big light decay. so it need to choose high power leds at 1-3W for small light decay.

2. led street light shell weight:

weight of street light shell will have effect on its heat dissipation. most led street light shell is made of aluminum and other metal alloy, that’s why the higher weight, the better heat dissipation. due to high weight shell is not easy for transportation, then some led street light suppliers will use pure aluminum shell to reduce the weight.

Anyway, we need to choose the suitable led street lamp according to the different applications.

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