6 tips to extend the led lighting lifespan

Nowadays, led light has been widely used in different fields. it is not only can be used for normal illumination, but also can bring some visual effects under various environments . However , it also need to do proper maintenance to extend the led lighting life span . Here are the tips for reference :

1.correct installation 

You should read the labels on LED lamps and installation manual carefully before use them, all the lamps need to be installed strictly according to the manual instruction , otherwise there may cause some risks. please make sure all the installation must be carried out by professional person .

2. Avoid switch on/off frequently

The lamp’s current is greater than normal working if you frequently start on/off , it will cause the lamp temperature become higher quickly , which will greatly reduce the life span .

3. don’t use unknown chemical liquid to clean the led lighting

It may destroy the surface of leds if use unknown chemical liquid to clean the lamps . if necessary , you can clean the led lamp by a little of alcohol under normal temperature ;

4. correct Voltage 

You need to check the voltage of lamps before install them . please don’t connect the DC12V/24V lamp into the AC voltage directly , it may burn the lamps quickly. Also if link the AC voltages lamp from 85v to 277V into DC voltage , the lamps will not work .

5. Avoid to longtime use 

No matter what kind of lighting, if long-term use will affect its whole lifespan. Especially for some lights like led strip , if lighting them whole 24 hours for each day , the leds will have a big effect due to constant usage . thus , it’s better to avoid long time to use in order to extend its life .

6. Good maintenance cycle

For some lamp especially industrial lightnings , it’s better to do maintenance after a period of usage . Cleaning and maintenance should be careful ,please don’t change the structure of lamps , also don’t change the parts randomly during maintenance , all the parts need to be correct installed same as original after clean and maintenance .

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