How to choose commercial led lights for supermarket

Commercial LED lights for supermarket

supermarket is not only a place for shopping, but also an environment for leisure. then lighting design will have great impact on its environment and consumers behavior.

When we choose commercial led lights for supermarket, we need according to customer’s visual and characteristics of different commodities in order to make the customer feel comfortable visual effect. At the same time, we also need to consider reasonable illuminance, good color rendition, suitable brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment. Through reasonable lighting design, it can guide customer’s attention to the goods and stimulate consumers buying desire under the comfortable shopping environment.

illumination and color temperature will have influence on people’s psychological feelings. people feel more refresh and cool under higher color temperature, feel warm under lower color temperature. psychologists found that people’s pulse will accelerate and easy to excitement under red environment; pulse will slow down and emotion is more quiet under blue environment. Different colors also have different reflection on the tastes.
The main purpose of supermarket lighting is providing proper illumination, color temperature and brightness for different commodities and regions in order to attract consumers interests.

Lighting for different areas

1) Fruit and fresh vegetables area


Fresh agriculture products have the bright colors, then pure white lighting effect can directly reflect its verdant and fragrance. 3000K warm white can be used in fruit and vegetables areas with red, yellow and dark colors. Green and light color vegetables normally use 4000K-5500K, color rendering index should be more than 80.

2) Meat and poultry area

Fresh meat and poultry products must look clean and hygienic, warm and balanced lighting can make the meat and poultry looks more attractive. Use low color temperature can increase the meat color effect and good for storage and preservation.

3) Baked and fried food area


Warm light color can make food is more delicious and attractive. use soft warm lighting let people feel warm and unique of delicious flavor, and further improve the whole visual effect.

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