what is beam angle for home lighting fixtures

Home lighting fixtures or light source will not illuminate the entire space, because they have a certain beam angle which is only can reach a limited scope. It will show a different effect if you choose 3 bulbs with same power but different beam angle to illuminate the same object.

What is home lighting fixtures beam angle?

lighting beam angle

Generally speaking, Beam Angle is the angle between the two directions opposed to each other over the beam axis for which the luminous intensity is half that of the maximum luminous intensity.

light spot and illuminance are the direct reflection of beam angle. if same light source used in different angle reflectors, the larger beam angle, the smaller center luminous intensity and the smaller illuminance; on the contrary, the smaller beam angle, the larger center luminous intensity and the smaller lighting spot.

Further more, different beam angles have different applications.
if you’d like to highlight the illuminated objects, and lamps is far from the illuminated objects, then you can choose the smaller beam angle lamps. if only for general lighting used at home, then you can choose a large beam angle lamps to get a better lighting effects. but for replacement lightings, here are some suggestions:

1. led lamps without fixture. under this application environment, the ceiling can not be illuminated and easy to cause space suppression if light beam angle is too small. you can choose a larger beam angle lamp to make the space more bright and comfortable.

2. led lamp with fixture. In the past, the original lamps made optical design according to incandescent light distribution, so that can achieve the best lighting effect. when replace the lamp, it will greatly reduce the light effect if use different beam angle from incandescent lamps. Therefore, you need to consider suitable beam angle for different application environment. Normally for most household lighting, beam angle in 30-40 degree will be enough for basic illumination.

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