What is IP grade for led lighting fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures IP Grade

When we purchase led lamps, safety and quality are the most concerned by consumer. there are many different types of led lighting fixtures in the market, it will bring difficulties for choosing lamps. simple speaking, it is useful to know some knowledges about IP protection grade. IP (International Protection) grade system is draft by IEC ( International Electrotechnical Commission). It divided led lighting fixtures into different grades according to its characteristics of anti-dust and anti-moistures. IP protection grade is composed by two numbers, the first number represents dust grade, which is to avoid dust and other objects to enter. the second number represents the seal degree of anti-moisture and water-proof for lamps. the larger number, the higher protection.

led lighting IP grade

The meaning of first number:
0 means there is no protection.
1 means preventing more than 50mm solid materials from entering.
2 means preventing more than 12mm solid materials from entering.
3 means preventing more than 2.5mm solid materials from entering
4 means preventing more than 1.0mm solid materials from entering.
5 means dust protected, completely prevent outside things from entering, although can not totally avoid dusts to invade, but it is not affect the lamp’s working with little entered dust.
6 means completely prevent dust from entering.

The meaning of second number:
0 means there is no protection.
1 means avoiding dripping water to invade: vertical drip water ( such as condensation water) will not cause harmful effects on lighting fixtures.
2 means dripping water when lamps titled at 15 degree: drop water will not cause harmful effects on light when the lamp is leaned from vertical to 15 degree.
3 means preventing the sprayed water from entering: anti-rain or avoid sprayed water from vertical angles less than 60 degrees to enter into lamps.
4 means preventing the splashed water from entering: to avoid splashing water from all directions enter into lamps.
5 means avoiding water jets from all directions enter into lighting fixture.
6 means preventing heavy seas water from entering: normally for the lamps installed on the deck.
7 means lamp will not be damaged after soaked under water for a certain time.
8 means lamps will not be damaged after submersion under a certain water pressure.

However, you can choose IP protection grade according to different application needs and installation environments.

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