How to know LED Street Light Quality

How to choose LED Street Light 

There are many types of led street light with 5 years or 3 years warranty in the market, can they really come true the promise? Some honest & professional company can do this, but some of them can not due to they are not familiar with the technics. When we buy led street light, how to judge whether the quality deserve the price or not? we should analyze it from four factors.

led street light

Aluminum shell

As we know led street light will produce too many heat under its working, at this time the aluminum shell need to dispread the heat out, or they will lower the lifespan of the leds. the main function of aluminum shell is cooling. There are usually two kinds aluminum shell in market: 6063 aluminum and die-casting ADC12 aluminum. The thermal conductivity of 6063 aluminum is 201, and ADC12 at 96, you can see which is better. For same kind of aluminum shell, the higher weight, the better quality; for same kind aluminum shell with same weight, the more heat dissipation area, the better quality. In all, after working 6-8 hours, the aluminum shell temperature under 55 degree, its quality is ok; temperature under 45 degree, it is excellent quality.


Concerning leds, the bigger chip size, the better quality. For led street light is more than 100W, it is better choose famous brand chip such as Bridgelux or Philips or Osram etc. For the encapsulating materials of leds, it is better choose golden line and copper bracket. For same golden line, the thicker, the better.


About the lumen of each led, usually, for 1W led, its lumen has several grades: 100-20lm, 120-130lm, 130-140lm, 140-150lm, of course, the higher, the better.

If the street light power is more than 100W, it is better choose famous brand driver at high efficiency and high PF, such as Meanwell or Philips or other famous brand at 5 year warranty, because their quality is more stable and its maintenance cost is too low once in problem.


Strictly speaking, the led street light real power should be a little higher than its rated power, because their power will be lowered a little after working several hours.

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