0815 Neon Strip Lights

  • LED Neon Strip Lights have different color and size for selection.
  • single color: 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/R/G/B/Y.
  • we can customize any led lighting products based on your project needs.
Working Voltage


Power per Meter


Available CCT


CRI (Ra>)

80/90 optional



Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)


IP Rating


Ambient Temp


Details About 0815 Neon Strip Lights

Features of 0815 Neon Strip Lights

  • This LED Neon Strip Light which is available in white color is 9.6W/m. The light is available in multiple colors such as Blue, Green, Red, Pink,etc.
  • LED Neon Rope Light comes with an IP67 rating to easily withstand harsh weather conditions. These lights can easily resist ingress of dust, dirt and can easily tolerate splashes of water. These lights can be used in places where there are chances of dust, dirt, and dampness.
  • The light is highly energy-efficient and converts more than 95% of the energy into light while losing 5% of the heat as electricity.
  • These neon flex tube are highly eco-friendly because these lights consume much less electricity when compared to traditional rope lights.
  • The flexible neon lighting have a wide beam angle of 120 degrees, which is perfect for lighting a wide area like the ones they are used in. A wide-angle beam also increases the seeing length.
  • It can be adjusted in any shape, are easy to install, and last long as well. These lights, therefore, give you more flexibility in terms of use cases. Neon lights, in general, are considered far more flexible than the LED strip lights. So for decorative purposes specifically, LED neon lights are the best choice one could make.
  • The neon strip lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which roughly translates to 5 years on an average usage of 12 hours per day. Depending on the usage, these lights can last far longer than they usually do. If you are going to use them for decorative purposes, they will surely last longer than 50,000 hours.


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