Diffuse Reflection LED Downlight

1, nano coating shell wall as reflector, no PC cover or Glass;
2, soft lighting, avoid glare UGR less than 19, perfectly protect the eyes;
3, high CRI over 95;
4, show original color;
5, Leds pass LM80 test;
6, we can customize any led lights based on your project.


5W/10W/15W/18W/20W/25W/30W for option


customized size based on different power

Hole Size

different size based on power



Input Voltage







Aluminum alloy

Details About Diffuse Reflection LED Downlight

1. This Diffuse Reflection LED Downlighthave low power consumption and saving energy up to 75% comparing with halogen bulb ;
2. Instant start , no time delay ;
3. No Ultraviolet radiation, no infrared radiation ;
4. The led dowlight can replace the CFL with g24 base directly.
5. uniform lighting effect, no dark space ;
6. Constant current led driver, the light work stably ;
7. Heat and Shock Resistant ,no shadow and shatter-resistant.

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