RGB LED Neon Rope Lights

  • Our RGB color changing LED neon rope lights are great when you need a versatile type of lighting.
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor projects, this is a great product to use on most projects.
  • We can customize any led lighting products based on your needs.
Working Voltage


Power per Meter

10W-15W/m optional



CRI (Ra>)

80/90 optional

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)


IP Rating


Ambient Temp


Details About RGB LED Neon Rope Lights

Features of  RGB LED Neon Rope Lights

  1. RGB LED Neon Rope Lights is an innovative and top selling product that will work for almost any project you can imagine.
  2. The flex neon lights use remium Epistar LED chips, 120 LEDs/meter structure to achieve high lumen, super brightness and consistent glowing.
  3. LED Neon Light is a dot-free flexible linear light fixture.
  4. Adopted first-class eco-friendly silicone material, our neon light comes with a wide array of features allowing lighting designers and specifiers the ability to select the right light.
  5. You can cut the led neon rope lights in short piece, there is cutting marks to guide you in cutting pieces for DIY neon sign, ceilings, roofs and more.
  6. It is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high performance homogeneous light, ideal for highlighting architectural perimeters and outlines.
  7. Some led neon light can be vertical bendable, easy to make the vivid neon sign what you want.

Application of  RGB LED Neon Rope Lights

  •  product display, hotel, and other interior decoration.
  • advertising, signboards, signs, decorative lighting.
  • bridge, road, garden decoration.
  • outdoor lighting, home ceiling decoration.

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