SMD3014 flexible led strip

  1. SMD3014 flexible led strip series have 60leds/m, 120leds/m, 240leds/m for option.
  2. Colors have RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Neutral white,Warm White for option.
  3. Voltage have DC12V or DC24V for option.
  4. This led ribbon lights also have waterproof and non-waterproof for choose.
  5. we can customize any led strip light based on your requirements.
LEDs Type


CRI (Ra>)

80/90 optional


16-18lm/led;18-22lm/led; 22-24lm/led


DC12V /DC24V



IP Grade



Blue, Green, Red, RGB, Warm White, White, Yellow

LEDs Quantity

120leds/m, 240leds/m, 60leds/m

Details About SMD3014 flexible led strip

Description of SMD3014 flexible led strip

  • Our SMD flexible LED strip light use copper base and gold wire which provide good heat dispersion, long life span and low Luminous Decay.
  • Our flexible PCB are all high quality double layers PCB, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.
  • We always require same bin number SMD LEDs for different production batches for the same customer.
  • Environmental safety: the use of high quality highlight SMD 3014 LED. Has a small power consumption, heat generated, no glare, impact resistance and so on. Low-voltage DC 24V power supply, high safety and reliability.
  • Rich and varied colors according to customer needs through the controller to adjust.
  • Long life expectancy: the average life expectancy of 50,000 hours.
  • Cutting, welding easy and free: Each group of LED can form a loop, you can cut along the above (marked) any cut and welded to meet the various requirements of the length of the light bar.
  • There are many kinds of specification for your different project design 60leds/m, 120leds/m, 240leds/m.
  • IP20/IP65/IP66/IP68 various waterproof performance for the different installation environment.

Application of SMD3014 flexible led strip

  •  Architectural decorative lighting.
  • Indoor and outdoor Decoration.
  • Auditorium walkway lighting.
  • Backlight or edge lighting for signage.
  • DIY lights for home use.
  • Path and contour marking.
  • Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition.

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